Ohio Valley Style Pizza Restaurant

Pizza Primo, December 12, 2018

Pizza is an acquired taste in that most people have acquired a taste for it. With its almost universal popularity in the US, comes a seemingly endless number of different takes on the classic dish.

Cities and regions throughout the country each seem to offer their own version. One of the most different variations is the Ohio Valley style pizza. What sets this spin on pizza apart is its style of toppings. When most people think of pizzerias, an Ohio Valley style pizza restaurant likely does not come to mind.

What is Ohio Valley Style Pizza?

It’s likely that most people have heard of the perennially popular pizza variations like Chicago or New York style. The Chicago is a deep-dish pizza distinguished by its sauce, which covers the cheese. New York, on the contrary, is a thin pizza characterized by its large slices that have the ability to be folded over. The popular pizza variation was inspired by the Italian Neapolitan style.

These popular styles appear throughout the country. This is in direct contrast to the Ohio Valley style pizza, which is typically found just in the greater Steubenville area. The Ohio Valley style pizza is characterized by its large square crust. The crust is baked with a layer of marinara sauce and a thin cheese layer. After the initial baking is complete, the pizza is then topped with cold cheese and toppings. Each bite that the eater takes is both hot and cold.

Pizza Primo

When looking for the nearest pizza shop in Columbus, Ohio don’t forget that we make our pizza and calzone dough fresh every day in our kitchen. Our house-made sauce is created and prepared daily with our customers’ taste buds in mind. With our selection of fresh, amazing ingredients, we are able to sling delectable pizza pies for all Columbus area pizza lovers.

Salad, wings, spaghetti, subs, and calzones also round out our menu full of delicious appetizers and entrees. We also cater to a variety of dietary options and are happy to serve gluten-free crusts to pizza lovers with dietary restrictions. Pizza Primo is excited to serve Columbus and surrounding areas with Worthington pizza delivery to our customers, new and returning. Browse through our menu and you’ll see that we can cater to your appetite as a Columbus area pizza restaurant. With our large variety of food available for order, your next meal with us will be unforgettable and bring you back time and time again.

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